Enjoy the best of modern cuisine with us

Tickle your tastebuds

Our restaurant serves meals made from local, seasonal ingredients, which we transform into a culinary experience. We will also gladly accommodate your special dietary requirements and wishes: vegetarians, celiac disease sufferers and weight watchers are all welcome!

Even you can enjoy renowned, seasonal Czech and international cuisine, enhanced by the flavour of the herbs grown in our very own garden. Our (Grand Restaurant) awarding-winning chef Václav Černý takes fresh, seasonal and local ingredients and creates culinary masterpieces.

Enjoy a peaceful breakfast with a wide selection of food; afternoon coffee with homemade pastry on our terrace, in the garden or in the glass garden house; and a culinary experience in the form of a three-course dinner that in the summer also includes specialities from our outdoor grill.

Start the day with good food and a smile

A hearty breakfast is the foundation of each day. With us you can enjoy it with a cup of fine coffee or tea. The dishes on offer are made with the best local ingredients, and the pastry is homemade. Those who wish to stay fit can start the day with whole-grain breads, chia seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables or a healthy smoothie. Those with a sweet tooth will not be able to resist our excellent crepes or fresh homemade cake.

Did you know that at SwissHouse we bake our own bread and churn our own butter?

Evening gourmet experience

In our restaurant, we focus on tradition cuisine from the Bohemian forests, meadows, rivers and lakes, and present gourmet delicacies that are pleasing to the eye and palate! We use local, seasonal ingredients, and grow the herbs we use in our garden. You can look forward to traditional dishes with a modern twist, wild game specialities and homemade dishes inspired by the surrounding nature. We change the three-course menu regularly, so that you can always enjoy the best from the latest culinary trends.

Excursion café for spa-goers

We welcome anyone, not just our guests, to our café with open arms. Sit down with friends or a good book and discover the magic of fine coffee and excellent, always fresh, homemade pastries and desserts.

What you will not be able to resist is our homemade desserts and ice-cream. Our exquisite pistachio cheesecake is definitely worth it, as is the novel combination of traditional spa wafters and ice-cream in the form of our original wafer ice-cream sundae. Sound delicious? Wait till you taste it ….

You can enjoy top-notch Julius Meinl coffee in many ways and in many spots, depending on your mood: ristretto with the daily paper in the lobby bar by a raging fire or a frothy cappuccino on the garden swing?

Gourmet tasting menu

It may be an event that you experience just once a month, but you will definitely want to keep going back. The gourmet menu made from the freshest and finest local ingredients are made by our chefs Jan Thiel and Václav Černý (winner of the Grand Restaurant award).

Would you like find out what mouth-watering dishes are on the next tasting menu?

Homemade, exquisite, local … for you!

Bread and butter, pastry, wafer ice-cream, elderberry syrup as the foundation for our cordials … That is just a small sampling of the goodies that we make at SwissHouse ourselves for food lovers.